Change is hard!

70% of change initiatives fail so what are we consistently getting wrong?


Recently, I put forward an initiative that had equal parts automation and cultural change.  The cultural change aspect was dismissed in the funding meeting as something I ‘just had to take care of’ and the focus was solely on automation and cost savings. I found myself confounded because you can’t have one without the other. To convert an organisation from a highly manual culture to one that is highly automated doesn’t just happen – people need to think differently, learn new skills and feel ‘safe’ in their roles. Otherwise, your initiative will join the ever growing list of failed change initiatives.

Authentic change cannot happen top down, it needs to be felt and understood at all levels within an organisation.

Change initiatives require serious effort and planning. They don’t just happen!  To give the initiative every chance of success, the human element needs to be at the forefront of  your change strategy.

  1. What are you changing?
  2. How are you changing?
  3. And most importantly, WHY are you changing? Do your staff understand the reasons for change (even if they don’t like it)?

As a leader, you need to be authentic… you need to be a true believer. Your employees will spot an imposter from miles away.

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