ASX Ideas Exchange – A Cultural Micromove

The ASX Ideas Exchange is a one day hackathon with the key objective of solving problems within Technology so that we can improve the environment, tool sets and utilities. That means the Idea Owners will be in Application Development and DevOps. In the future, we hope to have Idea Owners from across Technology and eventually across the ASX.  However, this is a cultural micromove and for it to be successful it needs to be owned and driven by the team….which is why we have started small.


The Ideas Exchange (IE) is where venture capital (ideation) is encouraged and great ideas can find support and take flight across the ASX.

Step 1: Idea Listing

Firstly, an Idea Owner must apply to list their idea. To list, ideas have to meet one (or all) of the following criteria:

  • Solve a problem
  • Demonstrate new technology
  • Build a feature that is cool
  • Create an efficiency
  • Encourage collaboration

Step 2: Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • Idea Owners present their ideas to the Development and DevOps team
  • Each team member must pledge to “buy into” an idea – choose the idea you like the most.
  • Teams will then be created and the planning can begin

Step 3: Weekly Planning Meeting

Each team will convene a weekly meeting to

  • Develop the idea
  • Create momentum behind their idea (PR)
  • Plan the hack day requirements
  • Map out the end state requirements (that is, if you were to take it to production)

Step 4: Hack Day

  • 8:00am – Opening Bell for the Ideas Exchange
  • 6:00pm – Closing Bell and Pizzas delivered

Step 5: Idea Trading & Drinks

Teams will present the implementation of their ideas.

Each Development and DevOps team member will be allocated equity in their idea team. However, at the end of the Ideas Exchange they can choose to sell their equity and buy other listed ideas. The listing with the highest capitalisation is the winner. In other words, the team vote for the winner… not management!

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